Claudine Péronne - Drawings, Painted Shells and Clay Sculptures


Welcome to my art website. I am a French artist based in Worthing, West Sussex. My immersion in the arts world began in 2006 as I started an MA course in Transpersonal Art Therapy at the University of Chichester, UK. The course was in no way about learning art or producing artwork. It was mainly experiential with the practice of Authentic Movement, the use of the Creative Arts and the keeping of a journal at its core. The point of departure was Authentic Movement practised eyes closed, focussing on the body feelings and sensations and inner images.... Movement was immediately followed by a drawing 'depicting' our experiences...

Those pictures which came to life often in a flash became the roots from which my art grew. Though this wasn't a requirement of the course, I felt compelled to work on these images between the fortnightly course sessions and spent a considerable amount of time reworking them mainly in the form of pastel pictures and small clay sculptures. The arts gradually became a vital and integral part of my life and I carried on working in this fashion until 2011....


The pictures I create now are mainly small animals silhouette  drawings, often romantic. I still make small clay sculptures and in 2012 I began painting seashells in the same style as my pictures. I can't recall what led me to paint shells but I like their connection to the natural world and to the depths of the sea and I like to think that their presence in my art as well as the animals silhouettes' still carry traces of the dreamy shadowy world within: The original ground from which my art emerged.

I currently sell my work at the Shoreham Gallery and Inspired by the Sea  (near Worthing Pier). I also sell online on Etsy, Folksy and

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"In our life there is a single colour, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the colour of love." Marc Chagall


"I do not believe in an art which has not forced itself out through man's need to open his heart - All arts, literature as well as music must be brought out with one's heart blood." Edvard Munch


"Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye... it also includes the inner pictures of the soul." Edvard Munch


"What is decisive for me, in all the arts is.... their deepest, most inner origin, the buried reality that called forth their appearance." Rainer Maria Rilke


"Art only begins where imitation ends." Oscar Wilde